Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The cost of the Ipad in Dubai

Because of the highly in demand market of Apple items such as macbooks, macbook pros, ipads, ipods and more across the world and the fluctuating supply of new release items like the Ipad 2 or Iphone 4, it is even harder to acquire items in Dubai, Saudi Arabia, or the UAE altogether because of the fact that they are not even sold in UAE by Apple directly.  This leaves many middle distributors in the middle doing the best the can in the fluctuating market to meet to endless and high demand in Dubai, Saudi Arabia, and UAE. 
The cost of the Ipad in Dubai can range from $500 USD to $800 USD.  This may or may not be including shipping and duties.  The price range is so broad because of the demand of the market. For example In the case of the Ipad 2 the cost of the Ipad in Dubai can range from as low as $650 to as high as $1500 because of the volatility of the high demand market of Apple items.  They are even hard to get in the US.  Apple stores are only releasing one per customer in retail stores until they get more supply.  If people in the US where Apple is headquartered it is no surprise that the cost of the Ipad in Dubai, whether the Ipad or Ipad 2, is so variable and high.
Now, if people are trying to buy the macbook pro in dubai or apple in bulk they will likely have more luck.  The macbook pro is still always in demand in United Arab Emirates but it’s not a brand new release of revolutionary product.  Even if it’s a new model with new features and design, it is still much easier to buy macbook pro in dubai or apple in bulk.  
The Macbooks are better for college students or more basic computer users in general. They are more popular among college students because they are cheaper than the Macbook Pros.  The Macbook Pros however are better for advanced computer users such as web designers, graphics designers, computer programmers, movie and graphics editors and the like as the hold much more power to easily toggle very advanced functions. 
The newest product releases are what throw the market and pricing spinning, and the fact that Apple does not directly sell (except for very small kiosk type stores called the Apple Shop) is what makes it especially challenging to price and buy the Macbook Pro in Dubai or Apple in Bulk in the UAE.  Check out AppleInBulk.com for a good source of various electronics at low prices for people across the globe.

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